Yeonsu City Incheon

Apart from the Airport Incheon is another city in Korea. I like the wide streets and laid back atmosphere in Yeonsu.


Teacher’s Day

The student body president Tracey tributes a BBQ party for the teacher’s as students celebrate teacher’s day in Management Department.

The entire open roof deck was decorated. The view was amazing we have Shilla hotel and Seoul N Tower at the skyline. The BBQ was pork, chicken, kimchi, yellow pickles, and others.

The student was assembled and each were given a flower and the university president arrived for the event.

I always see Mr. Oh, Young-kyo in national news papers and in our e-class, intranet for students. It was amazing to see him in person and greet him. He asked me how is my studying in Dongguk like, I said it was great.

Vin Vino and Ireland ‘s STONES IN HIS POCKET comedy play

The signage board of Vin Vino is huge and you wont miss it in Itaewon, walk along from exit number 2.

The entrance gives the feeling of musuem-like ambiance, historical production of wines on the walls. Upon entering you would see the modern bar on the right side, on the left is an elevated area for high chairs and near the window location, and in the center are the tables.

I ordered red wine and steak skewers – great!

The show is from Ireland, the title is Stones in his Pocket. It was funny because most of the audience are foreigners, not all laugh at the same jokes. There is one lady who laugh in most parts where one should laugh. The english was delivered fast and old style.

I recommend for a try: 6 shots of different wines.

Daegu City

Daegu compared to Seoul, Daegu is laid-back. Fresh breeze and wide areas with no blocks of buildings like Seoul.

There is an Air Base, Taegu Air Base (also spelled Daegu, and also referred to as K-2), at an elevation of 115 feet (35 meters) is located within a river valley between 2 major mountain chains. (Source: Globalsecurity)

A theme park called Woobang Land

Daegu Stadium is good to visit. A museum next to it keeps the documented past during its glorious days. They are many things to try in the museum including e-football and e-volleyball.

War Memorial of Korea

If you want to treat yourself for Korean history, this one should be on your list.

The entire collection is very informative and picture-taking perfect. Let your imagination bring you back to those times when the things you see in this Museum are being used.

War Memorial of Korea, located near Samgakji Station (subway line No. 4). The museum tells stories about harsh times the country has gone through, including invasions by Japan, China and Mongolia, as well as Korea’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The 62,810m² indoor exhibition spaces, which is divided into six exhibition rooms including The Memorial hall, The War History Room and The Korean War Room, contains more than 9,000 artifacts, films and miniatures related to the country’s painful history. The outdoor exhibition spaces display military equipments, weapons and other historical relics including those used during the Korean War. The collection of vintage fighter planes, tanks and a submarine at the exhibition spaces are especially popular for kids.(Source: HiSeoul)

Art for life: Sang sang madang

Its is located where 5 universities are in Seoul.

The building is fancy. The first floor houses all the new creative designs that are pro-green and space conscious designs. The prices are not so expensive. The designs are relatively clever. The first floor is the Art Square.

You can avail of the membership card for free if you buy any product.

Directions (source: VisitKorea)
1. Get off at Hongdae (Hongik University) Station (subway line 2), come out of exit 5. Continue straight, and then take the turning on your left immediately following VIPS restaurant. Continue along that road until you come to the Tourism Information Center. At this point, cross the road, and turn right off the main road into a shopping street. Continue along this street for about 10mins, until you find the Sangsangmadang (상상마당) on your right.

2. Get off at Hapjeong Station (subway line 2), come out of exit number 3, and walk for about 5~10 minutes

3. Get off at SangSu Station (subway line 6), come out of exit number 1, and walk for about 5 minutes

Learn Korean / Hangeul for FREE

Apart from books and online learning korean / hangeul style, one best way is learn it from students and for free.

HRM or HARAM offers free korean session every saturday, 11:00am, and this is every week.

The student (you) seats between two teachers (one who has been with Haram long enough and another one who is a new member). They can have 8 students in one class with 2 teachers each student and a facilitator that conducts the class. The class begins with the facilitator greeting everyone in korean / hangeul. The facilitator will teach grammar and for the second part conversation practice will be conducted.

They also gather students for cultural events around Seoul.

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