War Memorial of Korea

If you want to treat yourself for Korean history, this one should be on your list.

The entire collection is very informative and picture-taking perfect. Let your imagination bring you back to those times when the things you see in this Museum are being used.

War Memorial of Korea, located near Samgakji Station (subway line No. 4). The museum tells stories about harsh times the country has gone through, including invasions by Japan, China and Mongolia, as well as Korea’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The 62,810m² indoor exhibition spaces, which is divided into six exhibition rooms including The Memorial hall, The War History Room and The Korean War Room, contains more than 9,000 artifacts, films and miniatures related to the country’s painful history. The outdoor exhibition spaces display military equipments, weapons and other historical relics including those used during the Korean War. The collection of vintage fighter planes, tanks and a submarine at the exhibition spaces are especially popular for kids.(Source: HiSeoul)


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