Ewha University French designed building

Dominique Perrault,made the impressive complex on the left side area when you enter the Ewha University Campus in Seoul.

During the night, it lights up both sides of the hall way. When standing from one side near the campus entrance, you can see the stairs at the other end of the long complex.

When standing in the center of it you would feel like you are in between two walls and you are just passing by the in-between of two walls, too wide to even fit four to six cars one after the other. The two walls on your right and left sides are buildings. It is see-through glass buildings. You can see on the first floor the cafeteria and gym and book store and entrance doors. The second would be library and the next few floors are the classrooms. Even a Starbucks coffee shop and a theater inside.

For top view photo click this Ewha Campus Complex


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