The wake of the sinking of the Cheonan

On my way home at the station I saw people walking with black tags on their shirt. There was a long queue at the coffee stand. I walked over and heard a sad tune playing.

The photos of the Cheonan was documented and was open for viewing. My heart suddenly feel heavy because of the pictures.

I stand in line and received the black tag and a flower. The wake was done orderly. In front of the photos of the Cheonan crew members, two lines of visitors are asked to stand, bow, give the flowers, and say a prayer. At the end, there are friends or members of the ship crew, giving a bow, a way of their gratitude. Their face are tired. Their eyes that looked like they cried for hours. There is a book that visitors can write messages.

Walking home, I was thinking how life can be gone so fast.


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