Pusan / Busan 2010

May month for me is a trip to Pusan / Busan

I went with 3 other friends. We bought the Family seat (37.5%) of KTX. Each paid 29,900 won, one way.*You have to book the tickets in advance 5 days before your travel day, we were lucky to get it on the same day since we didn’t know that we have to book it. 2 hours and half later with 300km/h speed it was smooth and fast.

Arriving at KTX Busan / Busan Station, the breeze gives the smell of the sea. People are not wearing as fancy clothes as Seoul people do. We stayed at PUSAN INN. It costs 15,000 won per day, best choice for students and fits the budget. It is located just on the left side once you are out of Busan Station. If you used KTX to travel to Busan on the same day of your arrival, buy the City tour bus ticket, you get a discount and you can choose between the orange or blue course and one night course for that same day. For the rest of the trip there is one day pass for the subway which is 3,500 won unlimited use of the subway for one day.

Gwangalli Beach is nice. People play volleyball. They also have a boat where you can row in the sea at a certain area. Most just walk by the sea barefoot. The water is not as clear as I expected it to be but it is nice. In the horizon you can gaze at the Gwangan Bridge. Opposite the seashore are the chains of restaurants from local to foreign cuisine. There is also space for biking and also a telescope to see THE MAN figure made by Kim Jong Ku, signifying the noble mind of man, its fun to find him.

One place I recommend the most is the Milak Town building at Gwangalli Beach in Pusan. Proceed to 2nd floor and enter the restaurant sagyejeol heosjib forgive my direct translation.. You can call them for directions at 753 1126 / 756 11 26. They serve fresh seafood in sets. This is where I tried my first live NAKJI – small octopus that has been cut into small pieces, seasoned with sesame and sesame oil, the octopus is still alive when served. It was still moving and sticking to the plate that makes it hard to get it by using the chopsticks. Once you put them in your mouth, you have to crunch and grind them between your teeth fast since they start to stick to your teeth and gums. It was so tasty and delicious. The sushi and sashimi were fresh and good.

Haeundae is almost same like Gwangalli except that it doesn’t have the Gwangan bridge view.

Beomeosa Temple can be reached by subway. Walk for 5 mins. to reach the bus stand that goes to the temple for 1,000 won bus fee. It is surely peaceful and full of greenery. Just like any other temple there is a shop that sells souvenirs, you can find interesting things, check it out.

Pusan National University Station has the streets that exactly look like the ones in Ehwa University Station in Seoul. Full of clothes shop, cell phone shops, beauty care lines, food stalls, and sale items.

Jagalchi is interesting, for you can see a lot of ship making and cargo ships. Birds are flying near the port and there are fresh fish all over the place.

PIFF is an area where there are hand marks of the Directors and Actors on the ground, like Hollywood.

Haedongyonggungsa Temple is beautiful. From Jangsan Station, you can take a taxi to the temple and there are buses too but taxi will cost you only less than 5,000 won. Try to take pack lunch or snacks the view is amazing.

I will surely visit again to see other areas. It was a great trip.


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